Noise Attenuating Panels for Noise Protective Barriers

ProfMetalGroup is a producer of noise attenuating acoustic panels for noise protective barriers. We have designed and registered technical conditions TU 5284-005-62838914-2014 for acoustic panels production by an original technology. After certification trials at RC CJSC SibNIIstroy, we received certificate of conformity # ROSS RU.0001.11АВ59.

Noise attenuating panels, acoustic barriers, sound attenuating panels, noise attenuating sandwich panels, noise attenuating cassettes, and acoustic panels are effective for noise protection.

Noise attenuating panels are applied in noise attenuating barrier design to reduce the noise coming from traffic stream on highways, railways, aerodromes, noise in social and industrial buildings, for covering the walls inside tunnels and elevator shafts. It is also used for damping noise caused by air ventilation and conditioning units, and other industrial noise sources.

Noise attenuating panels produced at out facility represent a cassette of blind metal profiled sheet and front perforated sheet. On the inside, the panel has a sound-attenuating low density mineral wool board.

We produce several types of noise attenuating acoustic panels:

Noise Attenuating Panel PShP 100.500 Acoustic Panel PShP 100.500

PShP 100.500

PShP 100.500 panels are offered in two sizes: 500 and 600 mm high. PShP 100.500 (500 mm high panels) is another ProfMetalGroup engineering development with batch production launched in February 2013. PShP 100.500 noise attenuating panels are in average 2% less expensive than the 600 mm high panels with almost equal acoustic specifications. We continuously work on both to increase our products' quality and to reduce their cost. As a result, we have reduced the cost of 500 mm high panels.

Standard panel length is 3000 mm. We also produce customised panels up to 6 meters long and having any length up to 6 meters with 5 mm increments. Noise attenuating acoustic panels are designed for use as part of acoustic barriers along highways, railways, and airfields. PShP 100.500 multi-layered acoustic panels are designed by our company engineers to provide maximum noise insulation level.

PShP 100.500 noise attenuating panels are more sizable compared to PShP 075.500, providing higher noise protection level. To achieve maximum noise insulation at your facility, we recommend you to apply 100.500 noise-insulating panels.

Sound Attenuating Panel PShP 075.500

PShP 075.500

Standard panel dimensions are 3000x500x75 mm. We also produce customised panels up to 6 meters long. These light noise attenuating panels, designed by our company, are in batch production since 2010, applicable in areas with low mechanical loads. For example, in noise attenuating barriers near industrial conditioning and ventilation units, and electric transformers. While preserving its key acoustic features, these noise attenuating panels are more cost efficient compared to PShP 100.500. If you are looking to reduce the cost of your noise attenuating barrier, we recommend you to apply 075.500 noise-insulating panels.

Noise Attenuating Panel PShP-R

PShP 075.500-R

PShP 075.500-R panel design allows the noise attenuating panels to block the sound coming from noisy equipment at food processing plants in compliance with food safety requirements without creating any difficulties to wet cleaning.

The front perforated sheet of PShP 075.500-R panel is removable, allowing for the interior panel sheets to be cleaned as necessary.

Wall-mounted acoustic panels PShP-VOWall-mounted acoustic panels PShP-VO


PShP-VO metal noise attenuating panels are used to cover walls and ceilings inside the premises with increased noise levels. PShP-VO metal noise attenuating covering panels are applied at social and sports facilities, railway stations, airports, bus terminals, and gyms. Wall-mounted acoustic panels are also applied in industrial premises containing noisy equipment, at workshops, and to cover walls inside tunnels and elevator shafts. Wall-mounted metal noise attenuating panels are in compliance with all fire safety requirements. Noise attenuating panel safety is NG class (fire resistant).

All noise attenuating acoustic panels can be made of galvanised steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.

The price of aluminium noise attenuating panels is slightly higher than that of galvanised steel panels. Aluminium noise protection panels are more durable that the panels made of other materials, therefore the service life of the noise protection barrier is longer and its cost is lower throughout the service life.

Blue PanelBlue Panel White PanelWhite Panel Yellow PanelYellow Panel

We produce 50, 64, 75, 80, 93, 100, 115, 123, 128, 150, 200 mm thick noise protection panels.

Any thickness of 50 to 200 mm with 1 mm increments are also available.

Noise Attenuating PanelNoise Attenuating Panel

Noise protection panels are 100 mm to 6 m long.

We produce panels with galvanised steel sheet of 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, and 1.0 mm thick.

Stainless steel panels are 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8 mm thick.

Aluminium panels are 0.7, 0.8, 1.0, 1.5 mm thick.

Standard perforation types applied in our noise attenuating panels are Rv 3-5, Rv 5-8, Rv 8-11, Rv 10-14.

Upon the customer's request depending on the order scope we can design and produce noise attenuating acoustic panels with any other type of front side perforation. By means of artistic perforation, we can also add a logo onto the panel (image/text).

The panels of our manufacture feature the following quality advantages:

1. We use special low density basalt wool up to 100 mm thick as a noise attenuating material (usage of high density mineral wool or foam plastic or polyurethane foam is both inefficient and prohibited).

2. PShP 100.500 panels contain an air layer between the textured metal facing sheet and the low density basalt wool sheet. As to the increase of sound insulation effect, air space between acoustic panel elements offers nearly the same features as an air layer between the glass sheets in a window frame left in order to increase heat insulation.

3. PShP 100.500 panels are acoustically multi-layered, having optimum bending stiffness of sound-insulating enclosure (acoustically homogeneous stiff rigid structures are of low efficiency).

Noise level reduction down to 37 dBA.

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